Creating Buy In

Creating Buy In

When bringing people onto a team, the term “buying in” is often used. “How will we get them to buy into our team/our mission/our vision for the future?” But how important is this? And how do we go about actually receiving the “buy in” our company leadership craves? 

Chip and I have often discussed that when hiring, it is more important to hire staff that aligns with your company’s vision than the talent they initially bring to the table. You can train an intelligent person to do nearly any task, but their drive and motivation is intrinsic to them. That is the clear differentiation when debating if someone will “buy in.” If they possess a heart that clearly aligns with yours and what you want your company to be, they will “buy in” to your company’s future.  

In my experience, the leaders I have worked overtime for, talked consistently well about outside of the office, and felt the most “bought in” for were the leaders whose visions my heart aligned with. This is one of the key reasons I am so passionate about working for Artistry Hotels. The vision we are working towards I will passionately chase alongside Chip and the team for as far as I can see.  

Interviewing and trying to figure out if someone would “buy in” to your company and leadership is no simple task. Discerning someone’s heart and passion in an interview is a gut feeling in many ways. Look for similarity in things you would say or desire for an employee of yours to say, then, trust your gut.

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