The Importance of Social Responsibility

The Importance of Social Responsibility

You have heard the term “social responsibility” used more and more over the past few years. Companies everywhere have begun to examine their carbon footprint and ways they can give back to communities. Every year more companies engage this in a new way. It is reported that Fortune 500 firms spend more than $15 billion a year on Corporate Social Responsibility. With so many engaged in this new way of thinking, the question begs to be asked: what makes social responsibility so important?


In regards to going green our need is to conserve our resources. Though it can seem like small steps, having lower powered light bulbs or recycling plastic bottles, really can make a difference. How we link arms and work together is a crucial part to this. It matters that we all take steps we can within our industry, few can argue that if we all did that, change would occur.


A newer approach to social responsibility is giving back to the community. In kind and financial donations can make incredible differences in lives of those that are impacted by organizations. One of the best ways I have seen this done is through nonprofit partnerships. Around the world there are organizations doing life changing work. It is exciting to see companies of any size come alongside these organizations, leveraging them to do even more of the important work they do.


As develops, corporate social responsibility will be a focus point. We deeply care about the people and the environment around us. Our desire is for those values to be continually integrated into the business sector. Through our own experience and research, we are excited to share more of what we know and our passion it.

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