The Relaunch of

The Relaunch of

The launch of came from a seasoned entrepreneur’s desire to share his knowledge and start conversations. Three years later, that desire has remained the same. With new focus, consistent content, and a fresh format, the best is yet to come.

This relaunch of this blog contains some shifts in focus and format. First, this site is intended to be a collection of voices. This will occur through multiple authors and audience commentary.  Our desire is for the comment section to be a collection of people discussing topics, sharing and debating ideas, and mostly coming together over the things that matter to us and our businesses. The other shift will be in content. We will still discuss entrepreneurship, and leadership but we will add a few other things to the docket as well. One is corporate social responsibility. Though not new, this concept is shifting every industry to some degree. We will discuss how it is being incorporated into our lives and companies as well. Another topic will be company culture and teamwork. We will discuss how work place dynamics effect overall company effectiveness, and consider millennials in the work force.

We are thrilled for this next season. Our hope is that you join the conversation, learn new things and share lessons you’ve learned over the years with us.

Welcome to the new!

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